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Category: WALL ART - Manufacturer: Under the Arches

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Tulips on Canvas

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A beautiful canvs portrait of bright Tulips in a field, 102cm x 102cm




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Lion in Grass

Product ImageA stunning photo of an African Lion in his natural habitat.

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Tulips on Canvas

Product ImageA field of Tulips on canvas in bright colours

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Product ImageA stunning portrait of roses on canvas.

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Twin Wood Tree and Candle

Product ImageTwo wooden Trees on a wood base both have a white Star on top and a star cutout design in the trees.

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Under the Arches is such a gorgeous shop. It's located right in the middle of the main street of Griffith, so I love escaping here in the air conditioned comfort with the lovely music and surrounded by so many stylish and elegant items. 

The customer service here is helpful, friendly and knowledgable. I'm glad to see that they are now going online, but will still come for a visit every chance I get. 

Elizabeth Hemans


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